About Us

”Danpe Commerce” doo is a construction company founded in 1992 with headquarters in Herceg Novi. From the very beginning, the company was conceived as a family business, therefore persistent and conscientious, long-term work of the whole family Danilovic, as well as honest and dedicated engagement of all employees is a key to success, and a reference more in business for over 22 years.

”Danpe Commerce” doo currently employs 63 workers and has all the necessary machinery and tools for quality performance of all construction work from the foundation to the roof. For performing all the works, we own all the certificates and licenses as well as qualified staff whose continuous improvement, hard work and creativity raise quality of our work to an even higher level.

For the past 22 years of business, we have built over 60,000 m2 of residential and commercial buildings within the municipalities of Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat.

Also, beside performing all the works in construction and civil engineering, company is engaged in its own investments, construction of residential and commercial buildings, renting and sales.